COVID-19 at Morgan James Salon:

- All stylists and guests MUST wear a full covering mask at all times.  You will not be permitted to wear a cloth pulled up around the mouth.

- Guests must wear a mask with loops around the ears so we can access the neck area and hair.

- All Stylist will be sanitizing all areas a guest would touch in between each guest.  Please be prepared for a small wait if necessary as our cleaner takes time to kill all viruses and germs.

- If you have any signs of covid or test positive for covid you will not be able to enter the salon until 14 days from the date we were told or shown a test has passed.

- If you enter the salon and show any symptoms of illness of any kind we will have to end the appointment right then and reschedule you for another time.

-Right now we ask that you pay by card when at all possible.  We would like to keep our transactions as "contactless" as possible.  Tips may be given in cash.  You MUST use the small paper envelope provided by the salon.

**All Stylists at Morgan James Salon are Independent businesses.  They are responsible for all their own bookings and cancelling.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with a stylist, the best way is to contact the stylist directly.  You will find all contact information on our "MEET THE TEAM" page.  If you don't have a stylist or would like a suggestion please contact the salon by phone or email.  We will set you up with the best stylist for your specific needs.


**Morgan James Salon enforces a 48-hour cancellation policy.  Please be aware, we enforce a fee for any appointments that are no-show, canceled, or changed within 48 hours of the scheduled service.  Please be aware...each stylist at MJS has their own cancellation policy and procedures.  Be sure to look into your stylists policies before you schedule an appointment.


**Please be prepared to place a valid credit card on your account.  This card will ONLY be charged if you violate our cancellation policy.  Our cancellation policy carries a fee for appointments that are canceled, no-showed, or changed with 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.  By supplying your card at time of booking YOU CONSENT to your card being charged if you violate this policy.  


** Please do not bring your children into the salon unless they are coming in for a service.  For professional and safety purposes, children are NOT allowed to sit in the salon while a parent has their hair done.   We will have to reschedule your service.


**Due to health and safety guidelines put in place by the Board of Cosmetology we ask that you leave your fur babies at home.   We do accept service animals but please be prepared to show their certification.

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be sure it looks amazing!"

Annette C.

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