Full Body Waxing

Facial Waxing

Body Waxing

  • Ears $14

  • Nose $14

  • Eyebrow $22

  • Cheeks $16

  • Sideburns $16

  • Upper Lips $13

  • Chin $13

  • Neck $16

  • Full Face $58

  • Eyebrow Tinting $20

  • EyeBrow & Stain $35

  • Eyebrow Tweeze $22

  • Hands $17

  • Butt Strip $19

  • Butt Full $26

  • Chest Strip $26

  • Chest Full $35

  • Under Arms $24

  • Arms Half $40

  • Arms Full $47

  • Stomach Strip $11

  • Stomach Full $35

  • Back Upper $29

  • Back Lower $23

  • Back Full $68

  • Leg Upper $48

  • Leg Lower $46

  • Leg Full $76

  • Bikini Line $42

  • Bikini Full $51

  • Brazilian $59

Please note:


*All men's waxing prices are subject to change due to the amount of hair being waxed.

*If it is necessary to trim hair before waxing services can begin, there will be an additional fee for this.


*We do not do any Male Bikini or Brazilian waxing at this time.


*Morgan James Salon and it's employees reserve the right to refuse waxing services to anyone, at any time, for any reason.


* If you are on your menstrual cycle, you are required to wear a tampon.  We do not supply those.


*It's important to remember to exfoliate after you receive a waxing service to keep from getting ingrown hairs or infection. 


*Waxing does have some discomfort, however, it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as people usually think.  Most of the pain or discomfort people associate with waxing is due to the anxiety or stress of the unknown.  Relax. :)))


*Be sure to inform your waxing artist of any medications you are currently taking, such as antibiotics, Accutane, or topical creams you’re using, such as Retin-A.  Some of these medications are not compatible with waxing.  If you ARE using a topical cream of any kind, stop usage for 7 days before a waxing service can be performed.  If using any medication in pill form you will need to wait 6 months before a waxing service can be performed.  If you are unsure please consult your doctor.


*Hair should always be about 1/4 inch (or the length of a normal grain of rice) for a cleaner wax service.  If the hair is too short it will result in an uneven or patchy result.  It is advised to stop shaving for 3 weeks in preparation for your waxing service.


*Always wait 24 hours after waxing to have sex or receive a tan.  This allows the hair follicles to heal and reduce your chance of irritation or infection.  Do not get your spray tan BEFORE a wax.  This will remove your tan.


Inclusions & Exclusions:


Bikini Line: DOES NOT INCLUDE any of the labia areas.


Upper Leg: DOES NOT include bikini area


Chin: DOES include lower lip, however, DOES NOT include the neck area.


Bikini Line = is a cleanup.  We will wax the sides (panty line) and across the top. If you're wearing a bikini, this will prevent any hairs from showing.



Full Bikini= The next level up. This option allows you to take off as much as you like from the front. If you want to leave a small shape (triangle, strip, etc.) or nothing at all, it's your choice.


Brazilian:  Same as Full Bikini, however, this service includes the butt strip for an all over clean look and feel.

Hair Painting, Blondes, and Extensions

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