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Airbrush Tanning

 "Luxury Airbrush Tan!" What does that mean?  It means you are going to get beautifully tan skin, without any streaks, that smells amazing, and takes care of your skin...all at the same time!  Seriously!  We have been researching the art of airbrush tanning for months and have the best methods with the absolute best products!  The secret is in our hand-buffing add-on method!  Our specialist will use a soft kabuki brush to buff the tan into your skin to ensure even coverage, and no streaks.  This allows her to get into those tough areas such as the ankles or elbows.   The result is stunning! Our tanning specialist will walk you through the process and you can choose how luxurious you want your experience to be.  All of our additional services will add to your experience but are completely optional.  We stock a full era of cover-ups for the first-time or more conservative tanning guest...or you can take it all off and get that golden skin everywhere!  It's completely up to you!

 We feature two of the BEST tanning solutions on the market. The world-famous St. Tropez and the ultra-popular Fake Bake!  Both are gorgeous and will have you looking like you've been on the beach for a month!



$45 For your First Tan, Plus 1 Free Add-On!

ST. tropez.JPG

The Tans

  • Signature Airbrush Tan                                       $55

  • Signature Airbrush Tan (Xtra-Dark)                       $55

  • Signature AirBrush Tan (Express)                         $58

  • Lower-Body Airbrush Tan                                    $28

  • Upper-Body Airbrush Tan                                    $30

  • Face & Neck Airbrush Tan                                   $18


  • Hand-Buff (entire body)                                      $10

  • Hand-Buff (problem areas)                                  $5

  • Extra Scent (pineapple or coconut)                       $5

  • Golden Shimmer Drops                                        $5

  • Opalescent Shimmer Drops                                  $5

  • Anti-Aging Drops                                              $5

  • Skin Firming Drops                                            $5





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